SMAN Cone Crusher

SMAN Cone Crusher

Cone Crusher is a crushing machine designed considering the secondary stage crushability for materials such as rock, mineral, ROM and building rubble. Cone crusher design focuses on compression type crushing with feed of material being received from the top in crushing chamber that consist of concave and mantle made up of high manganese alloy. The Cone crusher is operates via electric motor that drives a horizontal shaft & pinion bevel gear further rotating a crown bevel gear mounted on an vertical eccentric sleeve creating a gyratory motion that affects the centre axle fitted inside the sleeve creating a compression crushing action between the Mantle & concave section. As the mantle moves, it crushes the material against the concave at the points where the gap is smallest. This rotating motion of the Cone crusher reduces the size of the material as well as improves the shape.

      SMAN crushing equipment’s such as cone crushers, jaw crusher, vertical shaft impact (VSI), sand washing plant, wheel mounted plant are globally well accepted & regularly exported to Gulf region like Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia along with African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Ethiopia, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar,  as well as Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan,  Nepal and several other parts of the world. 

Cone Crusher Features 

  •  Quick Installation. NO RCC foundation required
  • Optional Mobile attachment for quick inter site movement
  •  Heavy duty skid with discharge conveyor
  •  High crushing capacities
  •  Tramp release accumulator
  •  Compact hydro-lube power pack with inbuilt safety features
  •  Uniformly in output product
  •  Heavy duty cast steel shell
  •  Electronically synchronized hydraulic & lubrication system
  •  Well equipped electrical panel with soft starter

SMAN SH/LH Series Gyratory Hydraulic Cone Crushers are the ultimate solution for the secondary crushing to achieve uniform product size of hard rocks, ores, stones and minerals.

Depending on the required output, cone crusher is available in below models:

  •  Secondary Cone Crusher – the crushers that receives feed from the primary crusher, further reducing rock in size.
  •  Tertiary Cone Crusher – the crushers that receives feed from the secondary crusher, further reducing rock in size.

Cone Crusher is suitable for the reduction of materials like rock, iron ore, gypsum, river gravel, limestone, basalt, gabbro, magnetite and also for the aggregate crushing.

All bearing bushes are designed on the basis of a very well engineered metallurgic composition minimizing friction losses. The Concave and Mantle are cast out of high grade manganese steel and machined to fit the required parameters in order to achieve minimum wear and eliminate maintenance time. All Hydraulic and Rotary functions are synchronized and controlled by the hydraulic and electrical control panels. A very compact Hydraulic power pack controls all the Hydraulic and Lubrication systems.

SMAN SH/LH Gyratory Hydraulic Cone Crushers are equipped with the most advanced crushing techniques. The outer shells and the other body components are made out of the finest quality steel castings and its robust design helps withstand high crushing loads. The main shaft and eccentric system is made out high grade forged alloy steel and precision machined for accurate Gyro Crushing action resulting in maintenance free operation.

The heavy duty steel fabricated is fitted with a suitable discharge conveyor and electrical motor driven system making it convenient to install the whole crushing station in very short time eliminating the need to build any concrete foundation. For inter site movement mobile type skid with a foldable discharge conveyor is also available soon as option.



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