Allied Equipment

Allied Equipment 


SMAN brand Hoppers are very modern modular type design backed by state of art manufacturing process and facilities results is the most versatile primary feed hopper capable of handling large size input boulders designed to suit all SMAN Primary Crushers.


Primary and secondary stage feeders are designed and manufactured to achieve a stream line feed rate for crusher to achieve the feed rates according to the crushing parameters


Secondary & tertiary stage surge bins are designed according to the feeders beneath and manufactured in according to the stockpile requirements for SMAN secondary and tertiary crushers, completely modular in design and supplied with all support structures, capable of handling input from discharge and recycle conveyors.


SMAN vibratory screens are specially designed with vibratory housing with different setting mode for making changes in the frequency in according to the parameter of the material to be screened. Since, there is no eccentric shaft mechanism, the overall downtime and maintenance cost for SMAN Screens is way below than the traditional designed mechanism.


SMAN conveyors are Completely bolted in design makes conveyors easy to erect on site in minimal time.. It is designed considering the harsh environment at crushing zone. All rubber belts are selected as per international standards; endless cold vulcanised joints and rolls along with scrap guards ensure safety for belt. Extra heavy duty radial stacker conveyors and loading station are also designed and supplied as per clients requirements


Complete electrical control systems comprising of main switches, trip/overload circuits, bus bars & industrial grade electrical contractor along with LED switches and dust proof enclosure and designed in accordance to all the equipment’s supplied by the company in a complete plant.


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