SMAN Coal Double Roll Crushers

SMAN Coal Double Roll Crushers

Coal Double Roll Crusher

SMAN’s heavy-duty fabricated steel frame design, abrasion-resistant steel plate liners and easy-to-maintain parts means extended productive service.

For maximum wear life, SMAN provides weld-on carbide teeth and can apply overlay hard facing to any applicable surface. Driven by electric motors and V-belts, all SMAN Roll Crushers have increased efficiency, high through-put for increased production and low roll speeds that minimize dust and fines.

Main Customer Benefits of Double Roller Crusher

With the advanced hydraulic control system, users can adjust the pressure according to the material hardness, so that can press and pulverize the materials absolutely, with sensor, the machine can load relief when overload, so that

to protect the machine; The advanced hard faced technology improves the roller

Covers’ life, good performance, low cost in operation and easily maintenance.

Constructional Features

    • Multistage gearbox 02 nos with fluid coupling.
    • Double roll diameter = 1 mtr. Fitted with high manganese segment plates, which is easy for replacement.
    • Shock impact absorbing double arrangement adjuster assembly.
    • Heavy duty four spherical bearing with adjustment for opening in pedestal.
    • Standard modular component easy to replace, Maintenance without any welding.
    • This unit can be easily accommodated into any existing feeding & conveyor system.


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