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Rock Crusher

As the name suggests, a Rock crusher is a machine used to crush big rock objects to smaller or fine rock particles. A rock crusher may either be mobile or fixed type.

Functioning of Rock Crusher

The very first step of a rock crusher begins with the process of pushing rock objects into the machine. Sometimes the desired level of crushing is achieved in a single step and sometimes the process of crushing is continued till the rock objects are turned into fine particles. A rock crusher is used, suitable for various level of crushing as needed. For example in some cases desired level of crushing is achieved in two steps – first the rock is crushed with a primary rock crusher and later the same material is crushed with a secondary crusher. Depending on requirement, the material so crushed may sometimes need further crushing with a tertiary or quaternary rock crusher. Every rock crusher has a maximum rock-size limit that it is meant to crush.

The rock material is first pushed into the hopper of primary rock crusher. This is done with the help of dumping trucks, excavators or special loaders. The rate at which the rock goes into the machine is regulated by the conveyor or vibrating grid of the machine. It also contains a primary filtering tool that helps in filtering smaller rock objects that doesn’t need crushing. This in turn increases the efficiency of a rock crusher.

A rock crusher helps in generating gravel, aggregates or reusable mining ores. The crushed rock material is thus used in further processes like building bridges, highways and other mining purposes. The crushed rock material is also used for filling purposes in case of landscaping and for controlling erosion. It also acts as an important component in the formation of cement concrete.
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