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A Rock Crusher is nothing but a mechanical machine that crushes big rock materials. The main objective of a rock crusher is to break down big rock materials to smaller or fine particles. These huge machines may be either mobile or rigid. However, there are more chances of accidents in case of a mobile Rock Crusher. So, a rock crusher manufacturer has to specially take care of all the safety parameters before finalizing the machine's design and production. A rock crusher manufacturer can also make customized crushers depending upon the clients needs.

Working of a Rock Crusher

A rock crusher is basically used to crush big rock objects and reduce their size as desired. There are various levels of crushing. For example; sometimes the crushing is completed with a single crushing process. Where as in some cases the process of crushing prolongs till the rock objects are changed into powder particles. First the rock objects are put into a primary rock crusher, and then they are again put into a secondary rock crusher. These crushed rock particles are yet again crushed by putting into tertiary or quaternary rock crusher if required. There is a limit to the maximum size of rocks that can be crushed in a particular rock crusher.

Rock crusher’s hopper is the place where the rock objects are first put. They are dumped by trucks, excavators or special unloading vehicles. The material is then gradually moved into the rock crusher. But the rate at which these objects are moved into the machine is controlled by the conveyor or shaking grid. Smaller rock objects are sorted while moving inside. This is done to avoid unwanted crushing of smaller particles.

A rock crusher easily provides gravel and aggregates that are widely used in construction industry. Today, a rock crusher is extensively used in many countries for many industrial procedures including construction and mining.
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