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Rock Crusher India

The term 'Rock Crusher' refers to the machine that is used for breaking down big rock objects to small or dust level object particles. Rock Crusher is widely used in many developing countries including India.

Processing of Rock Crusher

The fundamental function of a rock crusher is to smash bigger rock objects and crush them to the desired size. The process starts by first passing bigger rock objects into the crusher. There are various levels of crushing operations that are carried out. Sometimes crushing is accomplished in a single crushing cycle. While sometimes the process of crushing needs to be carried out until the rock objects are converted into dust particles. Not all kind of engineering processes need the same level of crushing. So, a rock crusher is available to suite every need. Generally the process begins with crushing big rock objects with a primary rock crusher; later those crushed rocks are further crushed with a secondary rock crusher. These crushed objects may be further crushed with a tertiary or quaternary rock crusher if the need arises. There is a certain limit to the maximum size of the rock that can be crushed in a particular rock crusher. The actual process of crushing begins with unloading the rock material onto the rock crusher's hopper. There are various means through which this is done; like trucks, excavators or loading/unloading machines. Once the rock is put onto the hopper, the rock is taken into the crusher. The speed at which the rock is moved into the crusher is regulated by its conveyor or vibrating grid. During this process, smaller rocks (which don't need crushing) are filtered aside.

A rock crusher plays an important role in the economical development of any country. A rock crusher is used to produce gravel or aggregates that are a major part of many huge construction projects like bridges, highways etc. The crushed rock is used for filling purpose and also used for controlling erosion. Moreover, a rock crusher makes gravel or aggregates easily available. Today India is one the countries that has the maximum number of rock crushers.
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