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Cone Crusher


A Crusher refers to the machinery that is generally used to break down or crush big material objects to smaller objects gravel or dust level particles. There are several types of crushers like Jaw Crusher , Gyratory crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher etc.

About Cone crusher

As far as the functioning is concerned, a cone crusher is quite alike a gyratory crusher. Some of the distinct features of a cone crusher include its less steepness and specially characterized parallel zones amidst its crushing areas. A cone crusher usually uses an eccentrically gyrating spindle to crush rocks. The enclosing concave hopper and the gyrating spindle of a cone crusher are covered manganese concave and an anti-ware mantle respectively.

While crushing, bigger material objects are broken once at the top of opening end of the cone crusher, and then they are further broken to smaller pieces at they move towards the narrow end of the cone crusher, from where they fall out. A cone crusher is an ideal crusher for crushing average hard and beyond average hard rock or objects. A cone crusher has proved to be quite advantageous as it helps in increasing the productivity, quality level and above all reduce the cost of production.

The spring release system of the cone crusher plays a very important role in providing safety to the machinery.
It helps the tramp to get through the crushing chamber without causing any harm to the body of the crusher. Dry oil and water are the two kinds of sealed formation that can be used in the process. Interestingly, a cone crusher separates the plaster stone and engine oil.
A cone crusher is widely used in many industries now days viz. mining, construction, transportation, petrochemical industry, chemistry plants, etc.
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