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A cone crusher is nothing but a mechanical machinery used in many developing countries like India. This crusher is typically used to squeeze down or break down large material objects into smaller or tiny objects. This crushed material may further be used in many industrial processes. Jaw crusher, Gyratory crusher, Impact crusher and Cone crusher are some of the kinds of crushers that are widely used now days.

About Cone crusher

Use of cone crusher in the industry has proven to help increase the productivity and quality level. This is the main reason why use of these cone crushers is rapidly increasing in most of the developing countries including India. Although different types of cone crushers are designed specifically for varied needs, there are some similarities between a cone crusher and the gyratory crusher. Less steep slops and parallel zones in the middle of the crushing zone are some similarities between these two crushers. In case of a cone crusher, the material objects are crushed with the use of an eccentrically gyrating spindle. This spindle is covered with an anti-ware mantle. While the enclosing concave hopper of the crusher is covered with a manganese concave. During the processes of crushing, the bigger objects of the material are crushed first at the top inlet of the cone crusher. They are further smashed into smaller portions as they move towards the narrower end of the crusher and finally fall out of it.


Cone crusher is widely used in many industrial sectors like mining, construction, chemistry units, transportation, petrochemical industries, building bridges, roads etc. One of the biggest advantages of using a cone crusher is the fact that it considerably reduces the cost of production. This has rapidly increased the use of cone crusher in countries like India. A cone crusher is well know and quite appropriate for crushing medium hard and above medium hard rocks.

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